Our group then began developing ideas and coming up with various possibilities for each world:

Fish Tank World

  • Aquarium dome- people would live inside
  • Fish store
  • Different ecosystems

Flat World

  • 2D World
  • Pop-up characters and scenery
  • Origami

Waterfall World

  • Layer of water around world
  • Colour waterfall
  • Lava/fire waterfall (everything is made of fire)
    Glass World
  • Sand creatures
  • Sand world and lightning making glass
  • Sand world and sun collide to make a glass world
  • Glass creatures
  • Stained glass (world within colourful stained glass)
  • Mirrors (portals)

Sky World

  • Life on birds-(civilisations living on the back of birds)
  • Cloud city (heaven)
  • Nomad planet
  • Cloud harvesting

Pyramid World

  • Everything made out of triangles
  • Tunnels/maze inside pyramid

Colour World

  • Colour aura
  • Colour if life- you have to work for colour
  • Colour is currency
  • Manufacture colour


  • Living between twigs
  • Birds/crocodile eggs
  • Hives
  • Home in a tree

Brain World

  • Holding brain- characters hold brain in their hand
  • Characters can jump from dream to dream

Tattoo World 

  • World inside of tattoo/s

Imagination World

  • World inside a child’s imagination


  • Live within bones
  • Town inside skull
  • Giant skeleton creatures