Our group met up on Friday to further develop our ideas for our world. We took each of our ideas and expanded them so that each idea had many different approaches, we wrote all over the whiteboard and windows.

We narrowed down our five favourite ideas and expanded on each one on a different board. Our favourite ideas and their possible expansions are:

Colour Mine

  • People and earth are monochrome
  • Minors treated like kings because of their profession (hierarchy?)
  • Colour is valuable
  • Colour has to be mined
  • Colour is like coal (crushed to powder)
  • Underground is colourful-above ground is colourless
  • Colour is currency- certain colours are more valuable
  • Colour-a luxury or necessity?

Sand World/Star Collision (Glass World)

  • Sand world collides with a star, creating a glass world
  • Everything is made of glass
  • Collects other planets by throwing suns
  • Magnetic force collects smaller planets to absorb resources and grow stronger

Space Tanks

  • Glass sphere
  • Water creatures
  • Full of water (in space)
  • Creatures searching for resources

Water Layer

  • Water layer outside of planet
  • Tides reversed
  • Salt water or fresh water?
  • Fishing made possible because of man-made hatch in sky

Light Waterfalls

  • Fluorescent light (Avatar)
  • Waterfall is a gold colour
  • Earth is dark- water is gold
  • Contrast between land and water
  • Tree veins the colour of the water