week 4

Life Drawing Winnie the Pooh

Michael gave us homework today that was to draw Winnie the Pooh! He gave us three sheets showing Pooh during various movements. I was excited to try this and thought it would be quite easy! I was wrong! I found it quite difficult to make each pose look like the exact same bear, I started off my practising the head turn.

These are some of my drawings:

For the next set of drawings a began by drawing 9 circles that were exactly the same size and tried drawing Pooh in each circle. This made it so much easier to get the dimensions of his head correct and make each bear look the same size. This also helped to make each bear look similar.

I then tried some of the poses where Pooh was standing/sitting:


First Life Drawing Class

Today we had our first ever life drawing class, I was excited because I had never been to one before! I started off by drawing the mans figure with Conte pencils until Michael told me that there were some Conte pastels at the front of the class, I then began drawing with those, I found these easier to use than the pencils!

We had 60 seconds to draw each pose!

These are some of my sketches:


Michael walked around the class giving advice to everyone, the sketch below shows my drawing beside his. He explained how to draw the proportions of the body! This really helped!img_4773img_4774-copyimg_4775-copyimg_4776-copyimg_4777-copyimg_4778-copyimg_4779-copyimg_4780-copyimg_4782-copyimg_4783-copyimg_4784-copyimg_4785-copyimg_4786-copy

I found out about a life drawing website called line of when I was looking at some of last years first year blogs. This website gives you loads of different options and you can choose how long they show each pose. I thought this would be a great way to practice life drawing and gave it a go!

These are some of my 60 second poses:


Link to website:

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