Build A World

Scale World

I’ve been moved into the Scale World group with Charlotte, Glenn and Veronika!

This was the animatic that the group presented before I joined.

I asked the group what needed to be done to finish off the piece and they said sound effects so I started looking for sound effects on that could be added to the animatic to give it more depth. Charlotte was in charge of soundtrack to the final version of the animatic.

This is the final version of the animatic without sound:

I wanted to do some concept work on the world just to get a better feel for the project. This is my digital painting of the big character:

scale world creature2.jpg


Once I added sound effects and Charlotte chose the music track that we were going to use I edited it together using Final Cut Pro, here is the final finished animatic:


Build A World Animatic

Our groups task for this week was to create an animatic for our world. We were each given different roles in order to complete the animatic.

The scene that our group chose to play out in our animatic was the opening scene where the colour moon melts onto the world and the creatures absorb it.

First of all we had to create a storyboard, we met up in uni so that we could talk about possible shots for the animatic. As we met up on a Thursday each of us had life drawing class at different times during the day so we had to work around some people leaving at different times. Yazz began to draw up a storyboard in her sketchbook and I started to write out descriptions of each shot in my notebook, Leon then started drawing digitally drawing the storyboard, this helped us all to ensure that we all had the same idea in mind for our animatic.


After we came up with a brief storyboard plan Yazz and Leon had to go to life drawing so it was up to me and Dearbhail to explain our storyboard to the rest of the group that were in life drawing while we were doing it.

We then decided to start drawing it out onto the whiteboard.


Next we each then worked on our individual roles within the group and made sure to share anything we did on our Facebook group so that everyone could see the progress!

Roles for the animatic:

Yazz– Storyboard

Molly & Leon– Backgrounds

Emma– Character Design

Myself-Character placement

Dearbhail– Editing

My role was to draw the characters into the backgrounds which were drawn by Molly and Leon! To do this I used a program called MediBang Paint Pro. This was one of my first times using this and I really enjoyed it.

Here are some stills from the animatic that I drew the creature on top of:

Here is the animatic that we presented to the class:


The feedback wasn’t great.. so the group decided to re-draw pretty much everything and do it again. In the end both Yazz and Molly edited two different versions of the animatic, so here’s both of them:




Colour World

We got into new groups today, I got put back into the colour world that I was working on a few weeks ago. A lot has changed! The people in my group are Molly, YazzEmma, Dearbhail and Leon.

The general idea for the world is that the inhabitants of the world need colour to survive, the sun melts colour moons onto the city, which brings floods of colour, which is then collected and stored by the creatures.The creatures are based off of Pitcher Plants (shown below). Our task this week is to create a full colour animatic of a potential scene. The premise for our animatic is that a moon is melting onto the city and the creatures have to collect the colour to store in pools in their nests.


Our task for our world is to use colour to show tonality. I began by doing some paintings in my sketchbook with acrylic paint just to get used to working tonally with colour before working digitally.

Here are my paintings:



For the painting below I took inspiration from a still (above) from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film of a mushroom forest.


I decided to repaint the last one digitally using photoshop.


I am getting used to working digitally and really enjoy it!

Here are some of the paintings by the others in the group!






Colour Temperature

I found the concept of colour temperature and understanding warm and cool tones really tricky so I decided to watch some YouTube videos to help me better understand it!

I came across one video which helped me to practice colour temperature starting from the very basics just to get the hang of it.


Here are my paintings:img_4866

I used four different colours of paint in these paintings:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink

I used different combinations of each paint to get the different effects shown in each painting.

Tonality and Composition

This week we have to use tonality and composition to show our world and the characters in it!

In our group we discussed possible light sources that our world could have, since mushrooms tend to grow in dimly lit areas and don’t need much light to grow and survive we decided to try using light orbs in our world to give a source of light, similar to that used in Guardians of the Galaxy (shown in gif below).


This is my painting of a possible landscape:

This was my first time painting digitally so its not the best! But I am going to practice so that I can improve.


I then wanted to redraw the characters and their silhouettes just to get the hang of drawing their shapes.


Here are some more of my tonality sketches:img_4921

The drawings below are some from the other members of the group!





New World

Today the groups got moved around again so almost everyone had a new project! The idea that the previous group had was a Mushroom World which I thought was really interesting. The people in the new group are Sarah, Jack, Emma and Lydia.

Here are some of the designs for landscapes from the previous group:


And here are some ideas for character design:




Build a world

Most of us got put into new groups for our build a world project. I wasn’t moved but two new people named Leon and Glenn came into my group so it was up to me to explain our ideas to them (no pressure). The idea we decided to go with was the colour world idea where colour is mined. Our task this week was to come up with characters for our world and a potential demographic for it. We shared our ideas and ended up coming up with a few different possibilities for characters including:

  • Robot Miners
  • Mole Miners
  • Dwarf Miners
  • Rich Characters
  • Poor Characters


For Monday we have to create a character line up of our characters to show their general shapes and heights.

We were shown the Aladdin character line up as a reference! (shown below) This really helped me to understand exactly what the task was asking of the group.


These are some of my character line ups. As one of our ideas involved the minors potentially being moles I decided to draw possible shapes that the mole could be. For example would they be standing on two legs or all fours.

The sketches below show some simple sketches of what the minors could also potentially look like. I thought maybe that they could have human like ‘faces’ but without any features and that they could have one eye at the top of their head which also acts as a light source.

Our idea then developed further so that the minors were robot type creatures that had tools attached to their bodies. The story also developed further, it became that there was a really rich character that had access to a lot of colour and he hired these robot creatures to mine it for him. We also thought that there could be another main character that was poor who maybe came across a lot of colour by chance.

The tall, thin character below is the rich man, the shorter, wider character on the left is the robot type creature with a smaller ‘helper’ robot below it. The shorter character beside the rich man is the poor character.


More Development

Our group met up on Friday to further develop our ideas for our world. We took each of our ideas and expanded them so that each idea had many different approaches, we wrote all over the whiteboard and windows.

We narrowed down our five favourite ideas and expanded on each one on a different board. Our favourite ideas and their possible expansions are:

Colour Mine

  • People and earth are monochrome
  • Minors treated like kings because of their profession (hierarchy?)
  • Colour is valuable
  • Colour has to be mined
  • Colour is like coal (crushed to powder)
  • Underground is colourful-above ground is colourless
  • Colour is currency- certain colours are more valuable
  • Colour-a luxury or necessity?

Sand World/Star Collision (Glass World)

  • Sand world collides with a star, creating a glass world
  • Everything is made of glass
  • Collects other planets by throwing suns
  • Magnetic force collects smaller planets to absorb resources and grow stronger

Space Tanks

  • Glass sphere
  • Water creatures
  • Full of water (in space)
  • Creatures searching for resources

Water Layer

  • Water layer outside of planet
  • Tides reversed
  • Salt water or fresh water?
  • Fishing made possible because of man-made hatch in sky

Light Waterfalls

  • Fluorescent light (Avatar)
  • Waterfall is a gold colour
  • Earth is dark- water is gold
  • Contrast between land and water
  • Tree veins the colour of the water



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