Modelling in Maya

Our task today was to model a piece of furniture in our house using Maya. Conann started off my saying that we had a week to do it then he changed his mind so that we had a day! No pressure! I thought this was good though because it gave me extra motivation to get started right away. I started off by modelling a foot stool that was in my room.


I then wanted to try something more complex so I decided to model a dining room, I started off with a chair then duplicated it, then a table, ceiling light and set of drawers.I had so much fun making this, I am still working on it, I plan to add windows/picture frames, maybe a door and some cutlery on the table.



I can’t wait to learn more about Maya!

Update: 2nd January 2017


I added a window and an arch doorway, I used the tutorial below for the door because I wasn’t sure how to create the curved arch. I found this really helpful!


More Maya

We had our second lesson on Maya today and it’s already getting more difficult. Today Conann showed us show to create three spheres one for the sun, one for the earth and one for the moon. He then showed us how to create a hierarchy by parenting the spheres which means that whatever a particular object does another will copy exactly (like a parent/child). He showed us how to the have the earth rotate around the sun and the moon rotate around the sun. It was so interesting but quite tricky to do!

For our homework Conann asked us to create three different types of ball:

  • Bowling Ball
  • Tennis Ball
  • Super ball/ Bouncy Ball

I was so confused at first.. I tried looking back at my notes and couldn’t work out how to do it; but after watching some YouTube tutorials it started to sink in.

Here is my first attempt at making a bowling ball:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is my first attempt at making a tennis ball, I used a cube then reshaped it in order to divide the plane to act as a net:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is my super ball/bouncy ball:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We had our first real lesson today on using Maya! I am nervous but excited to get into learning it! Our first task was to create a bouncing ball. I tried using Maya before I started the animation course just to see what to expect, I made a bouncing ball! So when I opened the program I remembered parts of how to do it which was a big help.

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