I have really enjoyed this module! It has taught me so much about using various programs such as Maya and Mudbox. It really helped to have this class alongside other modules because what I learned here could also be carried over to other projects, especially the animated short. I really like when modules involve group work as well as independent projects because I feel like it gives us a break from the constant group work.  I really struggled with the Floating City project because it was our first real attempt at making an animation and I felt like I was a bit out of my depth. Although I was happy with our groups designs and overall idea I felt that we couldn’t execute it to the standard that we wanted to. Furthermore, by the end of the year I have become much more confident with modelling, lighting with Arnold and animating as a whole, however I still struggle with rigging so I plan to work on this over the summer. The head sculpture assignment was really interesting! I really enjoyed learning how to work Mudbox although I wish I could have worked out the issues I was having with a few of the brushes but I think I just need a bit more practice. I plan to work on improving my skills with Mudbox over the summer so that I can incorporate what I learn into projects in second year.

Alec’s teaching made this class really enjoyable! He was always happy to help with any issues I was having with maya or rigging or modelling… (let me tell you there were a lot) and he was also very helpful with our animated short for our New Narratives module. I felt like I was constantly pestering him but he was always more than willing to help out (life saver!)