When it came to rigging the worm character for our animation I watched so many tutorials on rigging to get the hang of it and to work out which would be the best way to rig him so that he moves in the way that we want him to.

First of all I watched a really helpful video on what the differences are between FK and IK, just to get a better understanding of the two types of handles.

I also tried to find any tutorials that showed how to rig similar character types like a snake or a caterpillar to get an idea of how best to rig the worm.

Here are a few of the videos that I watched:

After watching these videos and doing some research I thought that the best way to rig wormy would be using a Spline IK so I watched another tutorial on how to do this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 14.25.40

I was having some problems with this method so I asked Alec if he had any suggestions as to which way would be best to rig the character. He suggested a Spline IK which was the method that I was struggling with. He sent me a few tutorials and really helped me with work out this rig (LIFE SAVER)

Here is a rig tutorial that Alec sent me: