For our animation we each worked on concept art to get an idea for the style that we wanted to go for.

This is Jessica’s work:


My work:

worm looking at apple1Worm

I watched a few videos to get an idea of how worms move!

worm movements

Emma’s Work:

Carla and Jessica started work on the storyboard and animatic

Here are some of Carla’s storyboards:


Jessica did some models of a worm!


Once each of the shots were drawn I used Final Cut Pro to edit it all together. I found sound effects from various websites which are listed in the references below! I found various choices for some of the sound effects and tried each of them but the final version of the animatic shows the ones that I thought fit the best to the story.

Here is our final animatic:


Hallelujah Sound Effect Options:


Chariots of Fire:

Bird Sounds:


Falling Apple:

Kicking Apple:


Worm’s Cry:


Worm’s Hmm?: