Due to time constraints we didn’t get the floating city finished for the presentation day which was really frustrating but Alec told us that the final hand in date isn’t until the 16th which is amazing! It means we can work on it more and getting it fully rendered.

When we rendered our floating city the first time the background changed colour and the quality wasn’t the best but we didn’t have time to render it again before the presentation.

Here’s the video:

I edited a little video together with our render and screen shots from render view of what ours was supposed to look like.

Here’s the video that we showed in our presentation:


Once the presentations were over we got started on finishing off the floating city for the hand in date. Siobhan found music to go over the final edit while I fixed the render. I first of all tried rendering it using Arnold but it was taking over 7 minutes to render one frame and we didn’t have that much time because we had over 600 frames to render in just 2 days! So we rendered it using Maya Hardware 2.0 which rendered in around an hour which was much better! Once it was rendered I used Final Cut Pro X to add in the music and the statistics.

Here is the royalty free track that Siobhan found for our Floating City:

Here is our final Floating City, although it’s not perfect I am much happier with this than the first render:


I feel like I learned a lot during this project especially about lighting and rendering a scene! This will definitely help me with future projects!