This week we started off as normal, drawing 60 second poses with the female model!

I have been having trouble with life drawing since the start and it was getting very frustrating so I have been practicing at home to try and get better! I also thought that I had been drawing my sketches too big so it was hard for me to add much detail in 60 seconds. So for this class I tried drawing smaller sketches to see if it would help and I am really happy with them! I know I still have a long way to go before they’re anywhere close to being perfect but I feel like its a good start!

Here are some of my sketches:


After the warm-up Michael told us that we would now be looking at drawing hands and feet, starting with feet. He drew some sketches to help us understand the anatomy of the foot:


Our task was to draw the models feet thinking about perspective and proportion. This was quite difficult!


When I got home I used the website to help me with my homework which is to practice drawing feet.

Here is my homework: