Let’s just say our pitch didn’t go well. In fact is was terrible!

We had talked about our ideas all week but didn’t realise we hadn’t done what was required. Stupid mistake.

However this was the kick that we needed to realise that we needed to work much much harder. The teams were uneven so some of the groups of five (including ours) had to loose a member to make the teams fair. So Siobhan left..

The people left in the group are myself, Jessica, Carla and Emma.

Straight after the pitches were finished we met up as a group to solidify our plot. We are now more determined than ever to do this story justice.

So as of now our plot is this:

A worm pokes its head out of the ground and spots an apple core in the distance, the camera follow his ‘long’ journey to the core. We are talking about manipulating the camera to make it look like the worm is extremely far away from the apple when in reality it’s about a meter away. Once the worm gets to the core we thought that a bird could come down and take it away or than a foot could kick the apple into the distance. Then just as the worm gives up his attempt to get the apple he hears something drop behind him, he turns around and spots a shiny red apple, when he looks up there is a huge apple tree full of apples.

We thought that this was a much more completed and feel good ending than our previous idea. We also thought that it had more of an implicit meaning.

Explicit Meaning:

A hungry worms journey to get food

Implicit Meaning:

If something happens that disappoints you or holds you back there is always something better around the corner (the shiny red apple in comparison to the old apple core)

Here is some amazing concept art Jessica did: