After our Schematic/Artifact presentation today Conann gave us our next assignment which is to create a 15-25 second animation.

For this project we have to pick our own teams, the people in my team are Jessica, Carla Siobhan and Emma.

We have been discussing possible ideas for the animation over the past week. Conann told us to keep it simple and to stay away from quadrupeds meaning no animals or people. He suggested using beans! So as a group we thought of what stories we could come up with using simple shapes/characters.

Some ideas for characters:

  • Bubbles
  • Balloons
  • Beans
  • Leaves

We also had the idea of using a wooden artist mannequin as our character since it is made up of simple shapes and would be easy to model the body and limbs. We thought that our story could be that  the mannequin could be in a shop and no-one wants to buy him or he could be modelling for the person drawing him. However we decided not to go with this concept because Conann did specify that we weren’t supposed to use characters with too many limbs in our shorts.


Time to keep thinking…

We then thought of some other ideas such as a water droplet afraid of falling or a balloon that is lost by its owner. These would follow a short yet emotional journey of the characters involved.

Even though we liked these ideas we thought that we needed to think of a more concise story so we thought about using a worm, a simple character to model. Our idea for a story is the journey of a worm to an apple core fitting into the genre of black comedy. So it starts off with the worm emerging from the ground and spotting an apple core in the distance, we then follow his ‘long’ journey to the core. We thought about manipulating the camera to make it look like the worm is extremely far away from the apple when in reality it’s about a meter away. Once the worm gets to the core we thought that a foot could step on him ending his journey. We weren’t sure about the ending.. We were debating wether to have it be happier.

Siobhan suggested that we might take inspiration from this short about a bird finding a worm:

We also took inspiration from the character of Scrat in Ice Age and his pursuit to get to the acorn.



Here are some of Siobhan’s designs of our potential character (and also some research on earthworms):