Before class this week I did some practice at home using a really helpful video on YouTube that explains gesture.

Here’s the video:

I then used the website to get some model shots to draw.

These are some of my drawings of gesture:

This video was really helpful in further explaining what Michael has been teaching us in class, how we use s curves and see curves to draw out the movement of the model before we start adding any sort of detail or form.

I tried to incorporate the techniques that this video taught me into this weeks life drawing class, however I am still struggling with actually putting the techniques into practice and creating a well proportioned drawing.

Here are some of this weeks one minute sketches:


Michael then gave us a task which was very different to anything we have done in class before. Jackie was going to act out a story and we had to draw it out into a storyboard using thumbnails. To do this we had to think of everything that we had learned up to that point in life drawing. Michael asked us what we should be thinking about the drawing our storyboards and this is the list that we came up with.


Michael said a series of events and Jackie acted them out for us to draw. The story was about a person that was walking to the bus stop and trips and their shoe comes off, then as they kneel down to put their shoe on their phone falls out of their pocket.. then just to make things worse someone comes along and steals the phone. It then starts to rain and so on and so on. Overall this character is not having a good day!


I know these are terrible but I’m going to try my best to fix them up for the homework which Mike told us is to fix up the storyboard into something that we would be proud to present!

I have also been practising more with drawing Pinocchio. I think I’m finally getting the hand of simplifying the character into shapes. Michael said that I’m on the right track which is great!