When it came to the artifact we had a few ideas to begin with such as a hanging microphone, boxing ring, boxing gloves e.t.c.

Nuala had the brilliant idea of creating a bull mask, since La Motta almost hides behind his bravado and aggressive ‘mask’ both inside and outside the ring. I thought this was perfect because it links to both the obvious aspects of the film (the name Raging Bull) and the symbolic (La Motta’s aggressive nature).For the fight scenes in the film Scorsese uses animal sounds in the background alongside the noises from the crowd, these same sounds were used in the scene when Jake beats up Joey at his kitchen table. I think that this emphasises that Jakes aggression doesn’t stay in the ring and that it is a constant in his life. For these reasons I think that the bull mask is the perfect artefact!

So now onto actually making the mask..

Lydia and Nuala did a great job of making the bull head by using a white mask and building paper mache onto it in the shape of a bull head.

Here are some pictures of this process:

Photo credit: Lydia

Here are some of Nuala’s amazing designs for the bull head:


Here is the finished structure of the bull head. Lydia and Nuala did an amazing job!


Photo credit: Nuala

Originally the group had the idea of potentially using red leather to cover the mask since it’s the material that boxing gloves are made of and would fit in well with the theme, but this proved to be very tricky to complete so we decided that paint was the best option. I’m glad we went with this option because I think this method is much more effective in regards to the amount of detail that can be added to make the mask look ‘bull like’.

Maggie made some absolutely amazing horns out of clay to go on the bull. She moulded the clay in three different ways and then as a group we decided which one we thought would look the best.

Photo credit: Maggie

Once the base of the mask was completely dry it was time to put the horns on it! Nuala, Lydia and Maggie used masking tape and paper mache to attach the horns to the bull. It looks incredible. Good job guys!


Photo credit: Nuala

The next step was the paint the mask (after it was completely hardened of course). I had some big tubes of red and black acrylic paint so I brought them to the group meeting. We used the red acrylic to paint a layer on the mask then waited for it to dry before painting another layer, this was to make sure that the print on the newspaper was completely covered before we started on detailing. We each took turns painting the bull head adding shadow to areas to give depth and highlight features of the bulls head such as the inner ears, nostrils and snout. We then thought that the mask was missing something so we decided to use a lighter pinkish colour that Nuala had to highlight parts of the mask. In the middle picture below you can see that the right side of the mask has subtle highlight which gives the mask much more depth. Credit to Nuala for doing an amazing job!

Once this was dry the final step was to paint the eye onto the bulls forehead. We weren’t sure whether the eye should be human or the eye of a bull but in the end we decided on the human eye. Nuala painted the eye and the it looks a-ma-zing!

I am super happy with the final artifact!

And here it is!

Photo credit: Lydia