In todays life drawing class Michael had us critique each others sketches using a guide that he gave us at the start of the class.

This is the guide:


These are some of Michaels example drawings:

Here are some of my sketches from the one minute poses:


Michael then asked us to pick our favourite drawing/s so that the class could critique it. From the feedback given I need to focus more on surfaces and proportion. I still find it very hard to quickly draw the proportions and form of the model.

After this Michael gave us another exercise to draw Jackie sitting in a chair, we then switched places with others in the class and finished the drawing from a different angle. To do this we had to visualise what Jackie looked like from the previous position.

Here is my drawing:


I found this really difficult. I feel like I’m not improving so I’ll have to do much more practice outside of class!

Michael has given us a continuous task of drawing the shapes that make up Pinocchio so that we learn how to break up any character into simple shapes so that we can draw them again and again with the exact same proportions. I thought that this task would really help me with my drawing so I got started as soon as my tracing paper and pencils arrived! I then used the Pinocchio model sheet to trace out the shapes of the character:


Here is the model sheet that Michael gave us to work from: