When I was looking for possible inspiration for the floating city project I came across an Irish artist named Keith Drury whose work I just loved! So I showed it to the group and they loved it as well!

Some of Drury’s work:

When I first saw his work I thought it had been painted digitally but after going to his website and reading about his methods I discovered that everything in his pieces are modelled digitally, which fits in perfectly with this project. From what I could tell from the videos on his site he uses Maya to model for his pieces.


(source: https://www.keithdruryart.com/about/)

The Hallelujah Mountains from Avatar have also greatly inspired us in this project. We thought that the terrain of the floating mountains was very similar to that of the cave hill so might fit in nice with our concepts.


Here is a quick little sketch of mine based on the hallelujah mountains: