When it came to making the actual schematic we used the circle schematic draft as a guideline:


Everyone worked so hard while making the schematic and shared out the workload:

Lydia: Drew out the lines and the circles using photoshop and made each characters line a different colour! This made the diagram extremely easy to understand.

Nuala: Started drawing out the symbols that we were going to use in the schematic such as the boxing gloves, the belt and most importantly the bull head to go in the middle of the schematic.

Maggie: When the base of the schematic was finished Maggie wrote in all the information regarding the events of the film into the circles around the schematic.

Myself: My job was to create the calendar to go into the middle of the schematic to show the years that the events took place and to create a key to show which line represented which character.

Here is my little sketch of a bull head:bull

When I was making the calendar for the schematic I wasn’t exactly sure how to create a path in order for the writing to follow the circle so I watched a really helpful YouTube video which helped me get exactly what I wanted.

Here’s the video:

I saved four versions of the schematic just changing the colour of the bull head in the middle of the schematic to black, grey, dark red and light red but after asking the group we decided to go with the one with the grey bull head.

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I sent this final version to the group and they had the amazing idea of blowing up Nuala’s bull drawing and fading it into the background which makes it look so much more professional!

Here’s our final schematic: