When it came to designing our schematic we needed to know each event in the movie, Lydia went through the entire movie and took notes on the scenes that she thought were important to the overall plot! She also screen shotted each of the breaks in the film where we see the date, this was so helpful in breaking up the film into sections. Using Lydia’s notes Maggie sketched out the rest of the draft for the schematic. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the group meeting but the group kindly kept me up to date with the progress!

Here is the first draft of the schematic (photo credit: Nuala)dav

The information from the first draft was then adapted onto our original circle schematic idea (shown below). Everyone did an amazing job on this! Originally, Lydia had the idea to use a series of grey lines to show the events of the characters but even though it would have fit perfectly with the black and white nature of the film it would be hard to tell which line represented which character so the group decided to use 6 different colours for the 6 of the main characters:

  • Jake La Motta
  • Vickie La Motta
  • Joey La Motta
  • Salvy
  • Tommy
  • Mario

You can see the key at the bottom of the circular schematic:


I decided to create a possible draft in photoshop (before I saw what an amazing job everyone did on the schematic above). I attempted to create a circular draft using a series of grey lines for every character except main protagonist Jake La Motta:


Now it’s time to start work on the final schematic!