In our life drawing class today Michael started off by using tracing paper and blue pencil to break down the basic shapes of Pinocchio. The way that Michael explained this really helped me to understand how to break down the body into simple shapes. He suggested that we try this if we are having trouble with seeing the shapes that a character is made up of so I went online and bought some tracing paper and Non-photo blue pencils so that I can give it a try!


This took up most of the class but for the last 15 minutes Michael had us draw the female model sitting on a chair. We had to draw the movement and then break the drawing up into basic shapes. I am still struggling with this! Michael makes it look so easy.


The homework that we had to have for this class was practice with drawing Pinocchio. I found a video on YouTube that really helped with this. Although Michael said that I need to focus more on the shape and less on the detail of the character .

Here are my drawings:


For the drawings below I watched a clip of Pinocchio on YouTube where his nose grows and paused the clip on three frames.