We were given our new assignment after the Vogler presentations.We were kept in the same groups as we were in when doing our Vogler presentations, the people in my group are Lydia, Nuala and Maggie. I was happy about this because I think we worked really well together on our last project. Our new assignment is to create a schematic and an artefact based on a particular set film, our film is Raging Bull (1980) directed by Martin Scorsese, a film about the life of boxer Jake LaMotta. I am a huge fan of Scorsese’s work so was really excited to get started! I hadn’t seen Raging Bull but had high expectations! I thought the film was very interesting although hard to watch at times because of the elements of domestic violence.





I fell down a rabbit hole when it came to researching Scorsese.

When talking about the scene where Jake and Joey are in the living room fixing the TV Scorsese makes reference to Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder (1954) saying how he took inspiration from Hitchcock’s style of shooting in this film. (Video shown below)-skip to 6.45. Scorsese talks about how Hitchcock used ‘subliminal’ changes in camera position to ‘intensify drama’.

“You can see him changing camera positions at certain points in time.”-Scorsese on Hitchcock (Dial M For Murder-1954)

Scorsese mentions a quote in the video below (skip to 1.41), it is a quote from LaMotta himself.

“I took unnecessary punishment when I was fighting. Subconsciously, I didn’t know it then, I fought like I didn’t deserve to live.” (Jake LaMotta)

De Niro committed entirely to playing the role of Jake Lamotta, he was trained by LaMotta himself before filming began. According to LaMotta in a 2014 interview (shown below) they fought “1000 rounds together before we shot one for the film”(LaMotta). After rigorous training De Niro gained over 50 pounds to play an older Jake LaMotta. This dedication to his craft definitely paid off earning him an Oscar for best actor in 1981.



Rober De Niro (right), Jake LaMotta (right)


De Niro & LaMotta training for Raging Bull (1980)


The images above show test photos of De Niro as he uses cotton balls in his nostrils to give him the LaMotta look.

I know I’m rambling I just find this stuff really interesting! Anyway back to the schematic..

To be honest I didn’t know what a schematic was so I Googled it and the definition is ‘(of a diagram or other representation) symbolic and simplified.’ This still didn’t make much sense so our group had a look at some of the second years schematics from last year. They. Were. Amazing!

We met up as a group to discuss possible designs for our schematic, we thought about how we could lay it out so that it is clear and concise. We decided that it might be a good idea to create a circular schematic since the beginning of the story is actually the ending so it would work almost like a clock and would make full circle.

These are some of the schematics we looked at for inspiration:


Circular Timeline 07-09

We thought that it might be quite difficult to fit all of the characters and the events onto one circle so we thought about dividing it up into multiple circles, maybe one for each event/year in the film. We then talked about giving the characters symbols on the schematic alongside a key to make it clear which character is being mentioned i.e. a red bull for LaMotta.

We also talked about the artifact and what it could possibly be. Lydia came up with the idea of a microphone (hanging microphone in the boxing ring). We then thought about maybe making an artifact based on jealousy, since that is what a lot of the film revolved around. So far we are off to a great start. I am really excited about this project!