In todays class we warmed up for a while. I try to capture the movement of the model before I start working out proportions but its hard to add much detail in only 30 seconds so I’ll have to work on speeding up my drawing.

These are some of my sketches:


After the warmup Michael told us that we would be drawing heads so the female model sat on a chair and Michael explained to us exactly what we were going to be doing. He drew four boxes and drew a head rotation in perspective (shown below). We were then told to draw the models head from how we could see it and then draw the rotation using Michaels guide.


These are some of my drawings of a head. I found this really difficult.. I found it really hard to grasp the concept of drawing the head inside the box. Michael helped me with my drawings (he drew over my sketches in black below).


Michael then drew over my sketches in a light brown to help me understand the concept better. I’ll definitely have to practice this more!


At the start of the class Michael showed us the Pinocchio model sheet and showed us how to break down the head into simple shapes and draw the head rotation. Our homework is to practice drawing the Pinocchio model sheet.

These are Michael’s drawings:img_5669