We had our first lecture with Alec today on our Image & Data Visualisation module! Our task for this week is to research one or more artists in three categories:

  • 3D Environment/Prop Artist
  • 3D Character Artist
  • VFX Artist

I decided that I wanted to research each of these so I did some searching and came across three amazing artists!

Environment Artist- Everett Gunther

These images are stills from one of Gunther’s college projects entitled Lighthouse Shore. I think that it is very impressive especially since he completed it in just 8 weeks!

Gunther modelled and textured items in game Might and Mayhem which was released on iOS and Android.
Character ArtistJosé Alves da Silva
Out of all of the artists that I researched he is the one that I was most amazed by, I think there is work is a really interesting and unique quality to his designs.
This is a piece entitled “Le Rabbit”le_rabbit
This is a piece entitled Lucky Cat
“A Panda caught by surprise while snacking a fish in the middle of the bamboos – this was the briefing given to me by 3D Artist magazine to support a tutorial focused on modeling and fur creation.”- Jose Alves da Silva panda
I sent him an email asking him a few questions about his work:
Hi there! My name is Rachael, I am an animation student in Belfast and am currently learning 3D modelling in Maya and was hoping I could ask you a few questions about your work? I came across your site when doing some research on 3D Character artists and just loved your designs! I am very curious about where you get the inspiration for your artwork as each piece has a very unique quality. I was also wondering if you have any tips/advice for an aspiring artist.
Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!
His reply:

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your e-mail.

About inspiration, mainly I like to create humorous stories with my pictures as if they are a key frame/moment in a film. So, the main motivation would be storytelling with a picture.
I also like stylizing and simplifying form, so my characters tend to be more extreme/cartoony. Most of my inspiration comes from comics.

As a 3D character artist I would say that you shouldn’t focus on software but rather on the basic art principles.
Study Anatomy, Composition, Values, Color Theory, Image flow. Those are the things that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Software is permanently changing and is just a tool.

Those are my 2 cents 😀

All the best,

VFX ArtistPhill Mayer
I found Mayer’s work fascinating! He works a lot with liquids and specialises in “phenomena, simulation and procedural workflows”-Phill Mayer.
He has worked on films such as American Reunion
Mayer has also worked with huge brands such as Playstation and Coke.