After each group finished their animatics we were given another task. Each group was given an animator and we were told to create a presentation on them using Pecha Kucha which is a style of presentation where 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds at a time. At first I wasn’t sure exactly what this form of presenting was until I looked it up, there was no text in the slides! At first I found this very nerve wrecking so I made sure to read and re-read, write and re-write the points so that they stuck. We had 5 slides each as there was 5 in our group. The animator that we were given was Tex Avery, an animator mainly known for his huge involvement with the Looney Tunes cartoons. We met up as a group to talk about the presentation, we broke the animators life up in order to easily pin point important facts to talk about. Each of us then had an area of Avery’s life to talk about in the presentation.

  • Glenn– Early life and time at Lantz
  • Veronika – Time at Warner Brothers
  • Myself- Time at MGM
  • Charlotte– Death and Legacy

During the group meetings we shared any books/videos e.t.c that we found on Tex Avery.

Veronica found a book on Avery called Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy, 1942-1955 and Charlotte mentioned a documentary on YouTube which focused on Avery called King Sized Comedy: Tex Avery and the Looney Tunes Revolution.

There was another documentary on YouTube which focused on Avery called Avery, The King of Cartoons which was very helpful in learning about the animator.

We made sure to share any ideas or questions in our Facebook group chat, this made it much easier to organise and plan our presentation. We then decided that instead of talking about our topics in chronological order we would swap a few with each of the group members. We thought that this would be a good way for each of us to know a good bit about each area of Avery’s life so that if someone went blank during the presentation that another member of the group could jump in (luckily this wasn’t needed!)