Our task today was to model a piece of furniture in our house using Maya. Conann started off my saying that we had a week to do it then he changed his mind so that we had a day! No pressure! I thought this was good though because it gave me extra motivation to get started right away. I started off by modelling a foot stool that was in my room.


I then wanted to try something more complex so I decided to model a dining room, I started off with a chair then duplicated it, then a table, ceiling light and set of drawers.I had so much fun making this, I am still working on it, I plan to add windows/picture frames, maybe a door and some cutlery on the table.



I can’t wait to learn more about Maya!

Update: 2nd January 2017


I added a window and an arch doorway, I used the tutorial below for the door because I wasn’t sure how to create the curved arch. I found this really helpful!