In life drawing today we started off as usual, doing 60 second poses of the male model. It was a bit different today because instead of the model using a wooden stick as a prop he was using a towel. I found it easier to draw these kinds of poses, I think it might be because the poses are more relaxed and the models arms and legs aren’t as stiff.

Here are some of my sketches!


After around 20 minutes of drawing the male model Michael told us that we were now going to draw the female model as Madam Mim from the Sword in the Stone. Before the female model came out Michael explained to us that Madam Mim has a particular structure even though we might not see it because its hidden by her big dress.

Michael’s drawings of Madam Mim:


We were allowed to use the Madam Mim model sheets as guides to help us:


We were given 5 minutes to draw each pose, here are some of my sketches:


This was a very fun exercise but I found this a lot more difficult than I expected to.

I am going to keep practising drawing Madam Mim so I can improve!