Our home work for this class was to use the model sheet for Dirk the Daring to redraw his figure, I really enjoyed doing this homework.

Here are the model sheets of Dirk:


And here is my homework!:


We started todays class off by drawing the female model in 60 second poses as a warm up.


The models then switched and the male model put on a hat, belt, backpack and boots and our task was to draw him as Dirk! I was nervous but excited to try something new!

We were allowed to use the model sheets as a guide so that we could get proportions correct. Here are some of my drawings:


I found the side view very difficult, I couldn’t work out what Dirk’s chest should look like from that angle. Michael came over and explained how he would do it. He really helped me to better understand how to break up the body into shapes in order to get correct proportions. I am going to practice this at home!