Our groups task for this week was to create an animatic for our world. We were each given different roles in order to complete the animatic.

The scene that our group chose to play out in our animatic was the opening scene where the colour moon melts onto the world and the creatures absorb it.

First of all we had to create a storyboard, we met up in uni so that we could talk about possible shots for the animatic. As we met up on a Thursday each of us had life drawing class at different times during the day so we had to work around some people leaving at different times. Yazz began to draw up a storyboard in her sketchbook and I started to write out descriptions of each shot in my notebook, Leon then started drawing digitally drawing the storyboard, this helped us all to ensure that we all had the same idea in mind for our animatic.


After we came up with a brief storyboard plan Yazz and Leon had to go to life drawing so it was up to me and Dearbhail to explain our storyboard to the rest of the group that were in life drawing while we were doing it.

We then decided to start drawing it out onto the whiteboard.


Next we each then worked on our individual roles within the group and made sure to share anything we did on our Facebook group so that everyone could see the progress!

Roles for the animatic:

Yazz– Storyboard

Molly & Leon– Backgrounds

Emma– Character Design

Myself-Character placement

Dearbhail– Editing

My role was to draw the characters into the backgrounds which were drawn by Molly and Leon! To do this I used a program called MediBang Paint Pro. This was one of my first times using this and I really enjoyed it.

Here are some stills from the animatic that I drew the creature on top of:

Here is the animatic that we presented to the class:


The feedback wasn’t great.. so the group decided to re-draw pretty much everything and do it again. In the end both Yazz and Molly edited two different versions of the animatic, so here’s both of them: