Today we had our first ever life drawing class, I was excited because I had never been to one before! I started off by drawing the mans figure with Conte pencils until Michael told me that there were some Conte pastels at the front of the class, I then began drawing with those, I found these easier to use than the pencils!

We had 60 seconds to draw each pose!

These are some of my sketches:


Michael walked around the class giving advice to everyone, the sketch below shows my drawing beside his. He explained how to draw the proportions of the body! This really helped!img_4773img_4774-copyimg_4775-copyimg_4776-copyimg_4777-copyimg_4778-copyimg_4779-copyimg_4780-copyimg_4782-copyimg_4783-copyimg_4784-copyimg_4785-copyimg_4786-copy

I found out about a life drawing website called line of when I was looking at some of last years first year blogs. This website gives you loads of different options and you can choose how long they show each pose. I thought this would be a great way to practice life drawing and gave it a go!

These are some of my 60 second poses:


Link to website: