Most of us got put into new groups for our build a world project. I wasn’t moved but two new people named Leon and Glenn came into my group so it was up to me to explain our ideas to them (no pressure). The idea we decided to go with was the colour world idea where colour is mined. Our task this week was to come up with characters for our world and a potential demographic for it. We shared our ideas and ended up coming up with a few different possibilities for characters including:

  • Robot Miners
  • Mole Miners
  • Dwarf Miners
  • Rich Characters
  • Poor Characters


For Monday we have to create a character line up of our characters to show their general shapes and heights.

We were shown the Aladdin character line up as a reference! (shown below) This really helped me to understand exactly what the task was asking of the group.


These are some of my character line ups. As one of our ideas involved the minors potentially being moles I decided to draw possible shapes that the mole could be. For example would they be standing on two legs or all fours.

The sketches below show some simple sketches of what the minors could also potentially look like. I thought maybe that they could have human like ‘faces’ but without any features and that they could have one eye at the top of their head which also acts as a light source.

Our idea then developed further so that the minors were robot type creatures that had tools attached to their bodies. The story also developed further, it became that there was a really rich character that had access to a lot of colour and he hired these robot creatures to mine it for him. We also thought that there could be another main character that was poor who maybe came across a lot of colour by chance.

The tall, thin character below is the rich man, the shorter, wider character on the left is the robot type creature with a smaller ‘helper’ robot below it. The shorter character beside the rich man is the poor character.