The homework that we were given by Michael at the end of last weeks class was to fill pages and pages with boxes and spheres that were in perspective.

These are some of my sketches:


These are some of my sketches of room perspective, I sat in different areas of my house and tried to draw what I saw in perspective.


I tried to draw a ball rolling along a surface in perspective, I found this quite difficult.


Before our class started Michael went around everybody sketchbooks to give people some constructive feedback. When I showed him my sketches he explained to me what a horizon line was and how it will help me understand perspective. He drew train tracks and buildings with two different horizon lines, one at the top of the page which shows a higher angle of the tracks and one at the bottom of the page which shows a lower angle, making it look as though we (the audience) are on the tracks. I then practised drawing them in the way that Mike showed me. I found this very helpful.